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Good communication is essential to set guests’ expectations and instill their confidence in you as a host.

Being proactive

Before the experience begins, you probably want to reduce anxiety and increase excitement in your guests so they arrive feeling ready and eager. To help with that, you can use the Airbnb app to message guests, either individually or as a group. There are three particular times when you might want to reach out to guests ahead of the experience:

  • Immediately after booking. Guests appreciate the personal touch, and it confirms you’ve seen their reservation
  • About 5 days in advance. This can help build excitement, and gives you a chance to remind them about anything they should prepare for or pack before they travel
  • The day before. This can be a helpful reminder of the starting time and meeting point so they can plan to arrive on time. You can also include any helpful transportation tips

Giving directions

It can be helpful to put yourself in the guests’ shoes. It may be their first time in your city and they may not speak the language. If you were in their position, what would you want to know to help you navigate to the meeting point for the first time?

It’s even easier if you select a very specific meeting point and let guests know how to identify you. If you’re meeting at a metro stop, for example, at which exit? Is there a landmark there that guests can look for?

It’s also often worth it to send the address in the local language, in addition to English, to make it easier to enter into Google maps or give to a taxi driver. Also, you may want to be ready for early arrivers at the meeting point!

Checking in

Guests may not always be forthcoming with problems during the experience, so you can consider asking them directly and inviting feedback or questions throughout your time together. Talking openly can help you avoid a negative or mixed review coming when it’s too late to do anything differently.

Following up

After the experience, a quick follow-up message can leave a lasting positive impression of you and the time spent together.

The ending of an experience can have a strong impact on how the overall event is remembered. A friendly follow-up can also serve as an authentic way to remind guests to leave a review.