Since we launched Groups in 2013, we’ve seen how important it is for you to be able to connect with fellow hosts. So much of being a host requires you to be attentive to other people: your guests. We know you need a place where you and fellow hosts can look out for one another. Whether it’s to talk about ways to get more bookings, to share stories of tricky guest arrivals, or to see how travel trends are impacting other hosts in your area, having a place to share and offer advice can be a big help.

That’s why we’re excited to be launching the Community Center, a new platform for deeper, more detailed conversations among hosts around the world. This new platform replaces Groups, and has exciting new features:

  • Search for conversations—You’ll be able to search for the information you need across all the conversations happening in the Community Center.
  • Personalized recommendations—We’ll highlight conversations that are relevant to you, based on the language you speak and the location of your listing.
  • Popular topics—Anyone can recommend posts from fellow hosts, and we’ll make sure the most popular tips, topics, and responses are easy to find.
  • Recognition for top contributors—The most active contributors will be recognized and highlighted.

Already, the conversations in the Community Center are growing between groups of hosts who share a city, and among hosts who are connecting from all over the world. Currently, we’ve launched the Community Center in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. But this is just the beginning. We’ll be launching new languages and new features in the coming months. And we’ll continue to ask you for feedback so that you can use the Community Center in the ways you find most valuable.

So head over to the Community Center and add your first post! Hosts around the world will be eager to read it.