Chapter 4: Tools to Strengthen Your Communication & Identity

It’s been quite a weekend here at Airbnb Headquarters. Our team worked around the clock to finish three features that help guests and hosts establish a more meaningful connection before booking. We are also now providing 24/7 phone support, ensuring that if you ever need us, our team will be here to help.
  • Voice Connect: Select hosts can now call and screen potential guests directly over the phone using Airbnb Voice Connect. Through Airbnb, hosts will be able to establish an instant connection to a guest over the phone. Numbers will remain private until a reservation is confirmed. We’ll continue to rollout Airbnb Voice Connect to select hosts in the coming weeks. Learn more about Voice Connect.
  • Video Profiles: If a photo says a thousand words, consider Video Profiles something more akin to a short-story. With Video Profiles hosts can express themselves to the Airbnb community and make a great first introductions. Video Profiles are available for all users (guests and hosts). Create a video profile now.
  • References: While reviews are the cornerstone of the Airbnb reputation system, references help people new to Airbnb get started building their reputation. Formerly known as recommendations, references are a complete makeover and enhancement to this feature. Everyone is now required to add profile photos before they can leave references. Finding your acquaintances and asking them to write you a reference only takes a single click once you are connected to Facebook. Build your reputation with references now.
  • 24/7 Hotline: On August 1, we promised you 24/7 phone support, and today we’ve delivered on that promise. We’re here to take your calls anytime at 1-855-424-7262. We know how important it is to talk to an actual person in an emergency, so when you need us, we’ll be here to help.
With this multi-week build cycle complete, we will continue to build more new features this week to improve trust and safety on Airbnb. Check back soon to see what we are working on. And once again, if you have feature requests, tell us here. Thank you for being part of our community and helping to make Airbnb better every day. 


Brian Chesky
CEO, Airbnb

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