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A main challenge in marketing your experience can be getting the word out to potentially interested people. Another is finding people who will promote your experience for you, since personal recommendations can be far more effective than advertisements. Partnerships are a way to do both at the same time.

Ask yourself, who else connects with people who may be interested in what your experience offers? They could turn into a reliable source of potential guests.

Here are some ideas on groups to start with:

Airbnb home hosts.

Experience hosts often attract more bookings when they build relationships with local home hosts, who interact with many guests and are often asked for recommendations of things to do. Promoting your experience could benefit them too if their guests have a good time with you.

To get in touch with local home hosts, attend some of the Airbnb meetups in your city. Laura Norcia, host of The Roman Darkroom in Rome, gives business cards for her experience to all the Airbnb home hosts she knows.

Travel bureaus, tourism websites, and hotel concierges.

These groups make it their business to connect visitors with local activities and may see your experience as another resource for them to share.

Conference and meeting planners.

Like Airbnb home hosts, planners interact with many visitors and sometimes connect them to local activities. They may want to recommend your experience or book seats as a perk for their events.


Local groups working for the social good may be open to promoting it in exchange for a donation of some of the profits, especially if they focus on a cause related to your experience. A food justice organization might be a natural fit for a cooking class or a dinner party, for example.

Those with large memberships, like bicycle advocacy groups, might add your experience to their materials if you offer their members a discount.

Nonprofits also often accept in-kind donations for fundraising auctions. Offering a few of your seats is a nice way to spread the word while giving back and building goodwill—plus it’s tax deductible.