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As you design your experience, think of ways to showcase your passion while creating activities that are fun for guests to participate in. Here are some crucial elements to keep in mind:

Follow your passion. Start with what you love and let that guide you as imagine what would be the best way to share your passion and knowledge with your guests. When creating your experience you can make it as unique as you are. Figure out what your passion is and communicate it effectively to your guests. Let the unique elements of your interests and expertise shine through in your host bio.

Provide unique access. See if your experience can offer behind-the-scenes access to people, places, or activities that guests couldn’t typically find on their own. Guests enjoy feeling like they are experiencing something they couldn’t find in a guidebook.

Make it eye-catching. A top goal is to attract interest. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes—if you were visiting a new city and looking for ways to spend your time, what activities would catch your attention? And which of those activities would you be willing to pay for?

Plan for participation. Make sure that your experience has elements or moments that let guests actively participate. Experiences that offer engaging activities tend to be more successful than ones where guests are passively watching and learning.

Celebrate your location. If possible, try to include something special about your location in your experience. Most people have a mental bucket list of things they want to do and uniquely local souvenirs they’d like to pick up while visiting a particular city. The more you can help them check those items off their list, the more likely they are to be attracted to your offering. If your guests are locals, perhaps highlight activities and locations that they might not know about.

Be available. If you don’t list upcoming dates, guests may never see your experience in search results. And if your experience is infrequent, then it’s much less likely to get the attention of prospective guests. To attract steady bookings, consider offering your experience weekly or even multiple times a week if possible.

Start with a brainstorm. If you find yourself stuck, try finishing these sentences to help you identify a passion or expertise you could turn into an experience:

→ My friends would say I’m an expert at…

→ Most people don’t know this about me, but I really enjoy…

→ An iconic aspect of my city I could share with visitors in a unique way is…

Get in touch. Once you’ve got your idea, you’re ready to create and submit your experience.