The days may be getting longer – at least in the Northern Hemisphere – but spring still feels far away. Short of booking a flight to an Australian beach, how do you find shelter from March’s storms?

Here’s one idea: a geodesic dome.

The “geodesic” part actually refers to the physical structure of the dome (those curvy triangles that you might have noticed at your childhood playground), but most people think of these domes as self-contained environments. (Think Epcot’s Spaceship Earth.)

Here at Airbnb, we have our fair share of domes. For example, our most-viewed listing is the Mushroom Dome cabin in Aptos, California.


We have a pretty cool solar-powered dome in Albany, Vermont.


But we’re pretty excited about our newest dome: a true geodesic dome in Austin, Texas!

This dome comes with an accompanying house – and chickens! The playful decor may remind you of those climb-ey playground domes, and the fact that you can bring nine friends means you can make a party of it. (We’re salivating over the possibilities for SXSW ourselves.) The finishing touch: fresh eggs in the morning – from said chickens.


We love the idea of hiding away in a dome until the sun comes out. What are your tips for escaping winter’s clutches?