Airbnb’s business model has far reaching economic impacts that benefit the country overall, the tourism industry, local businesses and local households.

Host income and visitors’ daytime spending has a significant economic impact in the economy. The following figures account for all direct, indirect and induced spending in Ireland.

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Airbnb helps grow the tourism pie in Ireland

Airbnb attracts visitors, who are able to stay longer and spend more as a result of the new accommodation option.

Airbnb travellers stay an average of 2.9 nights in their destination, and spend 561 euros per stay per trip

24% of Airbnb guests would not have gone on their trip, or would not have stayed as long without Airbnb

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Tourism Benefits Spread Across Ireland

Airbnb distributes economic impacts to cities and neighborhoods that have not traditionally benefited from tourism spending. With Airbnb properties in more than 500 town, cities and villages spread across every county in Ireland, Airbnb visitors are staying in and exploring places they might never have otherwise visited.

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Whilst 43% of guests visited Dublin, over half visited other regions across Ireland

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Impact on residents and Households

Airbnb helps many residents across Ireland pay for regular living expenses and provides some additional spending money. The typical Airbnb host in Ireland earns € 2,600 per year, renting out space in their home for about 40 nights per year.

59% of hosts say hosting help them to stay in their homes

Hosts use more than half of their Airbnb income to pay for regular household expenses, including rent and mortgage.

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“Airbnb has meant that there was still money coming in whilst both my husband and I created jobs for ourselves, to get us off the dole.”


Dublin is the most popular destination for Airbnb guests

143,000 Inbound guests

€ 17.3 M Hosting income earned by Dublin hosts

€ 96.4 M Direct guest spending in Dublin (excluding accommodation)

Guests to Dublin stay 3.5 nights in average and spend € 865 per guest per trip

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32,000 Inbound guests

€ 2.2 M Hosting income earned by Galway hosts

€ 9.6 M Direct guest spending in Galway (excluding accommodation)

Guests to Galway stay 2.3 nights in average and spend € 382 per guest per trip

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12,300 Inbound guests

€ 849,000 Hosting income earned by Cork hosts

€ 3.5 M Direct guest spending in Cork (excluding accommodation)

Guests to Cork stay 2.8 nights in average and spend € 393 per guest per trip

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4,800 Inbound guests

€ 200,000 Hosting income earned by Kilkenny hosts

€ 835,000 Direct guest spending inKilkenny (excluding accommodation)

Guests to Kilkenny stay 1.6 nights in average and spend € 228 per guest per trip

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With the exception of the case studies (Dublin, Galway, Cork, Kilkenny), this report focuses on the country of Ireland.

The findings in this report are based on data about Airbnb hosts and visitors to and within Ireland from October 2014 to September 2015, as well as on hosts and guests surveys. Irish economist David McWilliams reviewed all data and calculations used in this report and conducted the economic impact analysis.

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