When Father’s Day rolls around, it doesn’t take long for the burly hyper-masculine dad stereotypes to emerge. Didn’t you know that every dad likes golfing, fishing, camping, while wearing plaid and woodsy colognes? And don’t forget neckties: not a single dad has enough neckties.

Guess what—dad’s come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them don’t like camping. Most of them don’t really need another necktie, not even in plaid. As a dad, I can tell you the one thing we dads really want: that thing we used to really enjoy before we had kids but don’t get to do nearly as much anymore.

Every dad has at least one of those things. Find it. If that thing happens to be golfing, then by all means, take your dad out to the course. Fishing? Hit the lake. (When I golf I’m more likely to hit the lake than when I fish, but maybe that’s just me.) Get them an experience, and believe me, they’ll never miss that necktie. And for procrastinators: you can even plan it together on Father’s Day.

We’ve selected some great Father’s Day getaways for a wide variety of dad types to help get you started:

All-business dad


Get your dad off the grid and give him a real break from the daily grind.

Beer dad


Trips to towns that know their way around a brew.

Fun and games dad


Some dads just want to have fun.

Globetrotter dad


For the dads with incurable wanderlust

Hip dad


Hip trips for hip dads.

Outdoorsy dad


For dads that need a back to nature experience.

Sports-nut dad


Let your dad get his sport on.

Square dad


For the dad that needs to get out of his comfort zone.

Techie dad


Hacking pads for gadgety dads.