Airbnb hosts in Chicago have been welcoming guests into their homes since 2009. Over the past six years, Chicago residents have formed a vibrant Airbnb community, sharing unique experiences with travelers from around the world.

In 2015, Airbnb undertook analysis to understand the environmental impacts of it’s community in Chicago. The findings presented here are based on all travel to Chicago during the year-period from July 2014 to June 2015.

For an overview of Airbnb’s community in Chicago, see Airbnb’s Positive Impact in Chicago.

By helping residents share their homes, Airbnb promotes the efficient use of existing resources as well as a more environmentally sustainable way of traveling. This type of travel results in a significant reduction in energy, water use and waste generation, and also encourages sustainability awareness among both residents and visitors.


The environmental impacts of home sharing in Chicago are based on: Environmental Impacts of Home Sharing: Phase I Report, April 2014. The report was prepared by environmental consulting firm, Cleantech Group.

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All of the photography in this report is by Ryan Lowry, a local Chicago resident, who regularly shoots Airbnb listing photography for hosts around the city.

Illustrator Craighton Berman used his knowledge of Chicago to illustrate the cover of the report.