At Airbnb, we’ve produced a number of studies on the economic impacts of home sharing in cities around the world, but—until now—we haven’t taken a close look at the environmental impacts. Today, we’re releasing a brand-new study on the environmental impacts of home sharing, which finds that using Airbnb promotes a more efficient use of existing resources and is an environmentally sustainable way to travel.

For this study, the environmental impact of stays at Airbnb properties was compared with hotel stays (based on 8,000 survey responses from hosts and guests worldwide). To set the bar high, residences were compared to some of the most sustainable and energy-efficient hotels. The results of the study are summarized in the infographic below, with comparisons of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, water use, waste production, sustainability awareness, and chemical use.

Environmental impacts of home sharing

Environmental Impacts of home sharing - Airbnb


More details on the environmental impact study can be found in the Airbnb Press center.