Many of us can relate to the soul-numbing effects of the “airport—client conference room—airport—client conference room” grind. Here are some ways to escape the moving sidewalk of monotony. Establish Routines

This post addresses the mundane nature of business travel, so it might seem odd to suggest that you create routines.  But that’s exactly what works best for many dogged road warriors. Putting systematic habits in place will free you from spending time thinking about what to wear or how to pack.

If you’re the kind of traveler that throws questionably clean clothes into your suitcase minutes before your Lyft arrives, try establishing a solid routine for getting to the airport. You’ll avoid nerves and anxiety, which means you’ll be more inclined to discover unique opportunities along your way.

Do Your Research

Even if you know your client will take up every minute you spend in Fort Wayne, don’t neglect to research for potential adventures. Take a few minutes and check out the Places tab of the Airbnb app to find exciting or relaxing spots to visit. A little research before departure can yield big dividends on the trip, if you can find a spare hour.

You can also ask your Airbnb host to help you discover fun opportunities in your destination city. Maybe you’d never plan an entire vacation around visiting Graceland, but if your work flight out of Memphis gets delayed for three hours, a trip to the King’s final resting place might be just the adventure you need.


Expert business travelers recommend simply wandering when you’ve got some time to kill in each city. They also recommend staying in a non-central neighborhood. When you travel with Airbnb, it’s easy to find places with a local feel that are outside of the main commercial district. Airbnb also offers guidebooks for many cities where the recommendations come straight from locals in the know.


Adventures only happen to those who go on them. Sometimes, the best trick for breaking out of the “airport—meeting room—airport” grind is simply being open to the chance of adventure.