Establishing an online presence in addition to Airbnb extends the reach of your business, making it easier for people to find you. A professional website and active social media accounts can show potential guests what’s special about your experience and give them confidence that it’s worth booking.

Create a website

Some hosts have found that having a website in addition to their Airbnb listing helps them build credibility, stand out from competitors, and attract more guests. You don’t need to know how to write code to create a beautifully designed website. There are many online tools that make it easy to create customizable pages in no time.

A website legitimizes your company, and a beautiful website sets you apart from countless others.

—Stephanie, host of #FoodPorn in Los Angeles, and owner of Cooking for Luv

By having a website, people can find me on Google when they search on terms like “urban hiking San Francisco.”

Alexandra, host of Hike to the city’s limit in San Francisco, and the founder of Urban Hiker SF

Use social media

Consistently using social media is a top tip for success from hosts. Posting regularly with photos and detailed captions helps potential guests find you when they’re searching for things to do or trying to get a sense of what you’re like.

Here are some tips to help you craft a social media presence that will boost the visibility of your experience, no matter what platform you’re using:

Share your best self. Your experience is unique because of what you bring to it as a host. When using social media for promotion, it’s helpful to remember to make the human elements a central focus.

Be consistent. This is one of the best kept secrets to success. Consider setting aside dedicated time to post on social media and posting at least one to two times a week. Many hosts have found it beneficial to post a few days before their experience to encourage bookings, as well as afterwards to inspire curiosity and engagement.

I manage to post on my accounts five times a week. By posting consistently, my accounts look active and I can stay top of mind for people who follow my account.

Alexandra in San Francisco

Be conversational. Social media posts aren’t simply advertisements. These platforms work best for communication and conversation—try to use them to stay in touch with past and prospective guests.

Make connections. Many hosts include their social media handles on their experience pages if they help show their credibility. They also post about their experiences on their personal handles to connect traffic between platforms and different parts of their lives.

Stay searchable and bookable

Wherever you choose to make a name for yourself online, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for people to find your experience and book tickets.

Use hashtags. Tagging keyword subjects related to your experience on your social media posts help people find them and connect with you.

For example, if your experience involves beer tasting in London, using hashtags like #beer, #craftbeer, #beerlovers, and #London will potentially help people who are searching those keywords to find your posts.

Include links. Linking to your Airbnb experience in your social media posts and profiles is a key step in helping people learn more about your experience and book tickets.

Create great content, use the right keywords, engage with your fans, share it on all your social channels, and repeat. Eventually things will start to pick up.

 —Travis, host of Find zen in rock balancing in San Francisco.