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You’ve perfected your experience. You have the timing down, you’re building positive relationships with guests, and they’re leaving satisfied. So now how do you encourage more people to come?

Here are some tips from our Airbnb marketing team for you to make your experience shine on Airbnb and out in the world.

Polish your experience details

You can’t control the weather. Or if a potential guest is more of a history fan than a hiker, or if they’d rather stay home than explore. But you can adjust some of the most important information potential guests look at when they are considering booking:

How you appear in search

The first place someone is likely to see your experience is in search results. There, it will be presented alongside lots of other options available on the same date, in a similar place. So what will make your experience stand out? Make sure that your title, photos, and pricing are all as compelling as they can be. For example, you could transform the title “Snorkeling trip in Cuba,” to the more active and descriptive “Snorkel to a shipwreck in Havana.” Here are some guidelines for how to photograph your experience.

Do a test search of your market—what can you learn from the most successful experiences? What do other experiences in your category look like, and can you do something really different? Details can mean the difference between someone clicking through to learn more, or passing by.

Your experience page

If what your offering looks interesting to someone in search results, they’ll click through to your experience page to learn more. So try to ensure that there’s more for them to learn, and that the full value of what you’re offering is clear. Even in brief sections like What I’ll provide, adding detail to help the visitor visualize themselves in the experience (ex: “A locally grown ceremonial tea” instead of “A drink”) can lead to more bookings.

Turn guests into advocates

Every person who books your experience is a potential marketing ally. They can tell their friends and family about what a good time they had, and they can write reviews that will help future guests decide to join as well. Here are some ways to make it as easy as possible for your guests to promote you:

Ask for reviews

Reviews are a part of your search results and experience page that you can’t control, but you can influence. After a great experience, gently ask your guests to leave a review either in person or in a follow-up message. You might want to explain why it’s important to you, and how it helps future guests decide if it’s something they’d like to do. Without being too pushy, making a personal connection will give guests an extra incentive to do that final step.

Make time for photo moments

Think about the most Instagrammable moments of your experience. Then make sure you pause to give your guests a chance to capture it. Photos from the experience are wonderful memories, and guest-generated content also makes a great addition to reviews. You can also organize a group photo near the end of the experience, and send it to guests as a part of your follow-up.

Encourage them to share

Once they’ve taken the photos, encourage your guests to post about the experience and tag you!

Harness social media

Instagram is where people go to find inspiration for their next trip, so make yourself easy to find.

Search for relevant hashtags on Instagram

For example, if you type “Barcelona” in Instagram’s search, you’ll see a list of hashtags related to the city such as #visitbarcelona, #barcelonafood, #barcelonatravel, and more. You can choose a selection to add to your own posts. Try a combination of specific and general travel hashtags, and geo-tag popular landmarks and locales to increase your post engagement, and also draw travelers to your profile and experience.

Don’t forget Instagram Stories

Hashtags are also searchable on Stories, so try including them there to appear even more places.

Even without a marketing budget or a lot of time, you can make your experience is as appealing as possible on Airbnb, put yourself in places people go for inspiration, and empower your guests to support you. You might have more marketing support thank you think!