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This year, Airbnb launched a series of global events in 30 cities to bring Airbnb Experience Hosts together. This year, the Airbnb team will host two events in each of these cities: One full-day conference to help hosts prepare for the upcoming high season, and a gathering to celebrate together after the season has ended. These events allow hosts and Airbnb team members to share tips on how to run a successful experience, get inspiration from each other, discuss new tools and features, and connect with each other. 

Curious what events are happening near you? The Get Local hub can help you discover what’s coming up and where. You’ll also want to check your email and community groups for invites and more information. (Note: make sure your email settings are up to date and your account is opted into emails from Airbnb!) 

Here are some highlights from the 120 events with over 2,500 attendees that have been held so far:

Airbnb Experiences Summits, one day conferences for Experience Hosts, share top tips for attracting bookings, getting 5-star ratings, and growing your business, in addition to learning about (and even testing) new features and giving feedback to the Airbnb team.

Over 50 Airbnb Experiences team members attended summits so far this year. They ran demonstrations of new host tools, hosted workshops, and offered attendees one-on-one advice at the Ask Airbnb booth.

Most summits had Collaboration Stations, interactive boards that allowed hosts to offer or request help, tips, or advice, and even invite other hosts onto their experiences. Experience hosts found new co-hosts, venues, and photographers to help their businesses grow. Hosts continued posting things they needed or could give in their city’s Community Groups, too.

“It was a great opportunity to finally learn more about the platform I’ve been using for years and seeing others with a similar passion as me!”

Tokyo Experiences Summit attendee


In London, an Experiences Swap booth was tested with the help of Community Leader, Minji. Minji runs a similar program through her local Community Group, encouraging hosts to take each other’s experiences. This is resourceful program that has allowed over 100 hosts to connect, get inspired by other hosts, and learn something new or see a new side of their city.

Workshops, presentations, and host panels were all held at these summits to bring new ideas and perspectives to attendees. One of the most popular was a presentation by Anthony, host of The Startup Experience in London, who shared his ideas about running your experience a start-up business. Head of Airbnb’s research team, Hannah, led another highly rated workshop on how hosts can conduct their own guest research. Attendees also loved a workshop by Airbnb team member, experience host, and host of Let’s Talk Experiences, Jonny, that shared multiple ways hosts can scale their Airbnb Experiences.

“I really LOVED the part where we had a chance to review each other’s experience page. I made changes that day based on the feedback and I got 2 bookings the day after!”

San Francisco Experiences Summit attendee

Summits concluded with mingling and refreshments, and time for hosts to head into the photo booth and capture moments with new friends. 

As more events are planned, the Airbnb Community Team collects feedback from attendees to learn how to make these events even more valuable to hosts. Attendee bookings have also been studied and, so far, hosts that attend summits have more bookings than similar hosts that did not attend. Hosts that attended also reported feeling inspired and more connected to their host community. 

But summits aren’t the only way hosts get together! Airbnb Experiences hosts gather to share stories over coffee, attend community-led meetups, or celebrate after a busy season. Make sure to check out your local Community Group or the Get Local hub to find a way to connect locally, or how to start your own event.