Just as things don’t always go as planned during in-person experiences, something unanticipated will arise during online experiences—especially since this is a new platform and forum for everyone. Here are answers to some of the most common concerns:

What happens when a guest is late?

Try to start promptly to be courteous to those who arrive on time. If someone joins late, it’s okay to take a minute to welcome them warmly and get them up to speed. Perhaps you can have a separate conversation using the chat feature to let them know what they’ve missed without disturbing the flow of the rest of the guests. 

What if a guest won’t turn on their camera?

You can politely remind them that the experience is much better when connected to video. (You can be funny about it: “Who’s the mysterious person waiting to reveal themselves? Can you turn your camera on, or do you want to stay a mystery?”) Of course, if they’re adamant about not being on camera, don’t force the issue and just move on with the rest of the experience. 

What if a guest drops off in the middle of the experience?

There’s a chance they didn’t mean to drop off if they’re having technical difficulties and trying to rejoin. Don’t let it distract the rest of the class and continue on as normal. If it’s disruptive, you can address it, but otherwise, it’s likely many guests won’t even notice—just try and focus on hosting and continuing the experience. 



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