Experience hosts open up their community, cultures, and passions to new people from around the world. Many are born leaders, genuinely interested in connecting with people and creating community. We recently launched a new Experience Community Leaders program with our first batch of thirty volunteer leaders from around the world. These leaders have hit the ground running, and are already inspiring, supporting, and empowering their local host communities.

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Each Experience Community Leader works on unique community initiatives that support their local hosts. Often this includes organizing local meetups, sharing top success tips, and collecting feedback from their communities. Check out your local community groups and scheduled meetups to connect with your leader and other Airbnb Experience hosts.

Meet a few of these local leaders, find out why community is so important to them, and hear a few of their hosting tips below.  

What does your community mean to you?

“To me, community translates into a strong feeling of support, love, and belonging anywhere you may find yourself in the world. Since I started my journey as a host, I learned how important it is for people who share the same passion to interact and share knowledge. From such interactions, new ideas are born, ideas which light the way to new possibilities that may turn into life-changing experiences.”

Ionut, Dublin Experience Community Leader, and host of Dublin Busking Experience

“Community is a bouncing bed—something that propels you upward and then receives you if you fall down. It’s like having a human resources bank account. You gotta contribute to it in the hope that it will come to your aid whenever you’re in distress.”

Ariel, Havana Experience Community Leader, and host of Cuban Spirits

My community’s mission is to create new ideas and support them with the passion of other members through participation and interaction. I also believe in seeing other success as part of your own success so that we can share what we love the most about our country and traditions with people from all over the world. We opened our homes when Airbnb first arrived—now it’s time to open ourselves.”

Pietro, Milan Experience Community Leader, and host of Handmade Family Pasta & Tiramisù

“A community is like a house. You start small and build the ground level with the help of a few people. Then you start shaping the upper areas as more people chip in with their ideas, skills, and experiences. Together the building starts growing and together you see further and further, expanding each other’s horizons. Only a solid foundation can let you reach higher.”

Ludger, Berlin Experience Community Leader, and host of History-Clubculture-Subculture on bike

“We are a community of hosts from different places in the world, different backgrounds, different skills and passions, but all have one thing in common—we all welcome Airbnb guests. So because we are all different, with different stories and different approaches, we all have different ways to reach the same goal. That’s why this community can be very helpful. We can all learn from each other, and then share that with local hosts in our cities.”

Thierry, Paris Experience Community Leader, and host of Taste wines with a certified sommelier

“I have been getting myself out to all kinds of events, meetings, and social gatherings in my area to be visible as an experience host and business owner in my community! It’s very interesting to speak directly to folks who aren’t familiar with this concept, yet fall in love with it when you explain it. If we want Airbnb Experiences to build in knowledge and quality offerings, there are no better folks than us to be ambassadors. It’s a win-win in so many directions!”

Janice, Southwestern Ontario Experience Community Leader, and host of Eat & Explore Paris with a foodie

“Communities are neighbors that have the same passion and strong feelings to take care of each other, interact, and give birth to new ideas.”

Kaoru, Tokyo Experience Community Leader, and host of Summer East Tokyo Neighborhoods Cycle

My community’s mission is to create a safe space to share knowledge and support one another through resource sharing and encouraging ideation. Also important is supporting the different ways people find connection such as parties, trying each others experiences, one-on-one skill shares etc., so that they all receive the support they desire and we celebrate the success of all hosts as our own success.”

Angie, Portland Experience Community Leader, and host of Archery with Mindfulness

“There may be problems or situations we sometimes don’t know how to deal with, so we are here to help each other. We want people to love Barcelona and if they do, in part, it’s because of us. I feel proud to be part of Airbnb, proud to be part of a new way of traveling, sharing, no matter who you are or where you come from. We belong anywhere and I want to say it louder!”

Valeria, Barcelona Experience Community Leader, and host of Photoshoot in Barcelona Secret Corners

What does hosting an Airbnb Experience mean to you?

I totally love the way Airbnb it changing the world. I really value how through Airbnb everybody can experience the world in a deeper way and I find that very enriching. For me, being a community leader means having the opportunity to contribute in the realization of this new vision about how we live our world, on how this huge planet Earth community gathers a little bit more together.

Ricardo, Mexico City Experience Community Leader, and host of Taste exotic cafe with coffee taster

“I share my roots, my love for the neighborhood, food and beer, as well as creating a platform for conversation about issues like gentrification. Food is universal and it is something that unites us, and we can all start talking to each other (maybe even understanding each other better) over some tacos.”

Dominique, San Diego Experience Community Leader, and host of Cultural Food/Beer Crawl Barrio Logan

“I love showing visitors how wonderful London is. I want every visitor to have an authentic experience through the hidden gems and special local events. Experiences help me support grassroots projects––there are so many wonderful small projects that are often missed by travelers. I pride myself with knowing a lot of what is going on in my community, championing diversity and offering my time to help where i can.”

Aisha, London Experience Community Leader, and host of When night falls in London

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