Apply to become an Experience Community Leader

Experience hosts open up their community, cultures, and craft to new people from around the world. Many of you are born leaders, genuinely interested in people and community, with experience facilitating connection and transformation through your experiences.

We’re looking for volunteer leaders like you to help us inspire, support, and empower your local community of hosts. By building an active online and offline community, Experience Community Leaders become the local gurus for all things experiences! These leaders are interested in creating collaborative relationships with community-minded hosts like yourself.

Read on to find out what this program has to offer, and if you are a good fit for this opportunity.

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What will you do?

  • Bring your fellow hosts closer together at local meetups and in online social groups, encouraging hosts to grow together.
  • Represent the voices of your community by collecting your community’s stories, tips, ideas and feedback and sharing these with the Airbnb team.
  • …and most importantly, help Airbnb create a world in which anyone can belong anywhere!

Who are Experience Community Leaders?

  • You are collaborative, supportive, empathetic and love bringing people together.
  • You enjoy meeting and connecting with other experience hosts.
  • You are passionate about experiences and are moved to share our mission.

Join us on this adventure and help us create transformative experiences for hosts and guests in your community by being an Experience Community Leader.

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Meet Some of the Community Leaders from Around the World

“These three words describe exactly how I feel about being a Community Leader: inspire, support, and empower. Inspire: because I feel so happy to be doing what I do thanks to Airbnb. Support: because we are all showing our city from a different point of view, but we all share a love for our city. There may be problems or situations we sometimes don’t know how to deal with, so here we are to help each other. We want people to love Barcelona and if they do, in part, it’s because of us. And empower: because together we make it happen! I feel proud to be part of Airbnb, proud to be part of a new way of traveling and sharing no matter who you are or where you come from. We belong anywhere and I want to say it louder!” – Valeria, Barcelona Community Leader

“I totally love the way Airbnb is changing the world; I really value how through Airbnb everybody can experience the world in a deeper way and I find that very enriching. For me, being a community leader means having the opportunity to contribute in the realization of this new vision about how we live our world; on how this huge planet earth community gathers a little bit more together. To me, community translates into a strong feeling of support, love, and belonging anywhere you may find yourself in the world. A community leader is someone able to listen, understand, and learn from their community. Sharing is the best way to inspire and make others feel that they are a part of something great.” –Ricardo, Mexico City Community Leader

“A community for me is where all its participants help each other, care about each other. It’s like a chain—all of the members must participate in one way or another, like the bees, they all do something important to keep each other alive. In a community, one common goal is the growth of the community, the bigger, the stronger it becomes.” – Michael Orozco, Madrid Community Leader

“For me it boils down to connection. If I help provide the spaces and resources for connection, then support, relationships, and growth will happen. People are hungry to be seen, heard, and supported, and I’m excited to be a part of the experiment that facilitates that and watch the ripple effect it has on Airbnb and Portland.” – Angie Fadel, Portland Community Leader

Read on for more from our first Community Leaders.