Football freestyle champion Philip Warren Gertsson partnered with Airbnb to host a special Sports Experience, where guests learned impressive ball tricks with the master at Copenhagen’s picturesque Israel Place.

SOCCER PLAYER-TURNED-FREESTYLE FOOTBAL WIZARD, Philip Warren Gertsson, almost gave up on the sport before he began. He picked up freestyle in 2006, inspired by watching tricks online, but after a few days of trying and failing, he got stuck. “Then I got injured in 2007 during a football game, and I decided to focus fully on freestyle,” says the Copenhagen-based social media star and European Freestyle Championship winner. “It’s a great way to express yourself through the art of football by using all parts of your body. I love the freedom. You can do whatever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want. All you need is a ball.

Gertsson travels the world performing tricks and can often be seen training with his girlfriend, Maria, who has a few skills of her own. Next up? The World Freestyle Championships in Prague and raising money for his charity, Skilla in Manila, a project that supports children and youth in poverty stricken areas of Manila.



“Learning football freestyle can be a long and tedious activity in the beginning but once you get over that first learning hump, you are able to learn a lot of tricks quickly,” says Gertsson, who hosted a special Sports Experience for Airbnb.

“I want to get more people to experience the wonderful art of football freestyle and its possibilities. And most importantly, to be able to have fun and learn at the same time.” Guests met Gertsson for coffee, where he shared his love of freestyle before hitting the streets for a crash-course in the sport at the picturesque Israel Place in central Copenhagen.


“I thoroughly enjoy the area around Israels Plads. This is where I trained with the Danish freestylers before they rebuilt the square. From worn-down basketball courts, it was turned into a square with football courts and a lot of open spaces for many different activities.” 

Cheap Eats:  Smagløget, just a stone’s throw away from Israels Plads. It’s a custom sandwich shop that caters to every taste. The chili pesto is my favorite. Or street food at Reffen.

Coffee Shop:  Anything inside Torvehallerne.

Secret Spot:  GAME by Enghave Vej. It’s a meeting place for many urban sports and activities: yoga, street football, panna football, freestyle, parkour, basketball and more.

Shopping: Strøget mostly. More specifically, Jorcks Passage where Unisport and Rezet are located. Le Fix is also recommended.

Bar: Curfew.

Souvenir: Pålæggschokolade, small squares of chocolate that you put on open sandwiches. Delish!


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Airbnb partnered with football freestyle superstar Philip Warren Gertsson on an exclusive Sports Experience in Copenhagen, where guests learned ball tricks to practice at home.