Airbnb partnered with multi award-winning choreographer and performance director Tanisha Scott on an exclusive Music & Movement Experience in Los Angeles. Here, she shares her LA go-tos.

CHOREOGRAPHER AND PERFORMANCE DIRECTOR Tanisha Scott has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. That video with the viral dance moves? Chances are Scott had a hand in it. “What excites me is each person’s unique energies, abilities, and strengths,” says the Toronto-born artist who spends much of her time in LA. “I look for what they already have in them and simply enhance that. Artists at the highest level are constantly evolving, and so I get to grow and change with them. It’s never the same thing twice.”

Scott, who choreographed “Hotline Bling”,  describes herself as a sponge, heavily influenced by “culture, people, the times, and all different genres of music. The music is what inspires me first and from there I just try to speak that language.” Currently in the process of creative directing a couple of world tours, the former backup dancer who also works with Hollywood celebrities is forever a student of her art form. “I’m always exploring new movement, sounds, styles, and worlds I’m unfamiliar with,” she says. “When you truly love something, you don’t ever want to stop learning about it.”


“Dance, sweat, laugh, learn and grow with me!” was the directive for Scott’s Airbnb Experience, a 1.5-hour intimate choreography session held at Flux Rebellion studios in LA’s Fairfax neighborhood. Dance enthusiasts of all levels learned one of Scott’s original routines, leaving sweaty and smiling, with some killer dance moves under their belts.


“I love the weather and the constant creativity of the people in this city. My favorite neighborhood is West Hollywood because there’s so much culture and good vibes all around!”

Cheap Eats: I love Korea Town.

Fine Dining: I just can’t get enough of Katana for a special night out.

Shopping: The Swap Meet on weekends.

Nature: I love the water, the waves, and the beach. You can often find me in Malibu.

Wellness: I’m always making time for an infrared sauna session—my favorite spot is Sweatheory. Pure Barre is my go-to exercise class.

Arts: LACMA museum to keep myself inspired.


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Airbnb partnered with celebrity choreographer and performance director Tanisha Scott on an exclusive Music & Movement Experience in Los Angeles, where guests got to learn iconic dance moves from the woman who has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names.