Wellness pioneer Shiva Rose partnered with Airbnb to host an exclusive Tea Meditation Experience in Los Angeles, where guests were welcomed into her Pacific Palisades home for an intimate afternoon of mindfulness and ceremony. Here, she shares her secrets for doing LA the healthy way.

SHIVA ROSE IS A PIONEER in the wellness space. Before the explosion of websites dedicated to smoothies, herbs, crystals, and meditation, Rose launched her blog, The Local Rose, as a way to share the holistic lifestyle practices that transformed her. A decade ago, confronted with serious health problems, the former Hollywood actress looked to nature for answers. I started to document various healing modalities and grow my own food as best as I could in the city, says Rose, who spent her early childhood in rural Iran. I got chickens and honeybees, I grew a garden and that was the beginning of this journey of adding healthy organic foods, developing a spiritual practice, getting back to the earth—all the things that led me to overcome my health issues.

With The Local Rose,  she wanted to do something that was green and chic at the same time,” she says. “I didn’t feel like there was a niche there yet. It was all very granola and hippy rather than more elevated. Today, Rose’s blog has an enthusiastic following that inspired the launch of her namesake skincare line, based on a rose face oil she originally made for herself. Her new book, Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness, is a compendium of all the modalities, practices, tips and tools that have become an integral part of Rose’s life. It’s everything in one place: diet, DIY products, meditations, mantras, crystals, essential oils, getting connected with the seasons, she says. I think it’s a wonderful thing that people are waking up to the fact that how we live affects our planet and our health.” Tea meditation is an essential part of Rose’s daily practice.


Held in the garden of Shiva Rose’s peaceful Pacific Palisades home, the Tea Meditation Experience was an opportunity for guests to connect with nature, learn to be fully present, and discover the ceremonial way of tea.

Tea meditation is an essential part of Rose’s daily practice. She is a member of the Global Tea Hut and has traveled to China with founder Wu De to visit tea farms and meditate on mountains. Rose’s Tea Meditation Experience incorporated silent group meditation, preparing, pouring and drinking living tea (tea leaves that are seed-grown in their native environments and free of any chemicals), and discussing the ancient rituals, wisdom, and teachings of the tea. It’s more like an adaptogen rather than a tea,” Rose explains. “It helps us to connect with the natural world, which is what our teacher loves to transfer to people through drinking it. Everybody has their own experience, which is the beauty of it.


“I live in Pacific Palisades and I’m one of those rare Angelinos who will make the trek for good food,” says Rose. 

Provisions:  Cookbook in Echo Park is one of my favorites. They’ve curated it so perfectly. It’s a deli and they sell things from the farmer’s market.

Farmer’s Market:  I go to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market on Wednesday mornings, religiously. I’ve been going since I was 18. It’s good to know your farmers and who grows your food. J.J.’s Lone Daughter has the best avocados, Schaner Farms has amazing produce; Harry’s Berries is famous for its strawberries. And there’s an amazing Armenian man who has the best fermented bread. The good thing about Wednesdays is that it’s all organic.

Café:  SunLife in Malibu for juices and smoothies.

Dinner: I really like MTN on Abbot Kinney in Venice; it’s a Japanese restaurant from the founders of Gjusta and Gjelina. I love sitting at the counter there. My absolute favorite is Kismet, a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant in Hollywood.

Getaway: I go to Ojai a lot. I love Farmer and the Cook, and Food Harmonics has great dahl and bone broth.

Cheap Eats: There’s an Iranian place in a mini-mall called Yekta that sometimes caters.

Wellness: I go to Ra Ma Institute for Kundalini yoga. WMN Space in Culver City does a lot of workshops and retreats. Ayam is a beautiful tea house in Playa del Rey that holds a daily practice.

Beauty: Take Care is one of my favorite places for holistic facials using radio frequency, and I love Nousha for Reiki facials.

Shopping:  Gjusta Goods in Venice, next door to the café. My friend just opened up a store in Echo Park called Solar Return, they carry vintage clothes and her partner makes amazing vegan cheesecake. I like the Rose Bowl Flea Market for homewares, and Heath on Beverly. The Echo Park Craft Fair happens twice a year. And I love General Store on Lincoln.

Nature: I’m really lucky that there’s a canyon behind my house and a few trails I like to go on. Temescal Canyon is a beautiful hike. Los Liones is another one that overlooks the ocean. Ojai is only an hour away, so I’ll get in my car and go there.

Night Out:  Genghis Cohen on Fairfax has great musical shows. And Zebulon in Silver Lake—get the tacos next door, they’re really yummy!

Souvenir: Either a crystal or go to General Store and get a vintage book and some locally-made incense and products.

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