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Learn about the new Airbnb Experiences low-star review process, which goes into effect Oct. 22, 2018.

We believe a healthy, growing Airbnb Experience marketplace should be known for consistently high-quality experiences.

This is why every experience must meet Airbnb’s quality standards before being published on the platform. When you submit a new experience, our team makes sure it demonstrates expertise, access, and hospitality. Once your experience is live, reviews are another way to understand whether you are meeting guest expectations. Reviews show how your experience has excelled and where there is room for improvement.

As we build a trusted marketplace together, we want to provide all hosts with clarity about our quality and eligibility criteria. It’s important that Experience Hosts understand our quality process and are empowered with the knowledge and support needed to succeed on Airbnb. After all, your success is ours too.

Here’s what you need to know about the process:

Starting October 13, 2018:

◦ If an experience receives a low-star (1, 2, or 3-star) review, the host may receive an email with more information about this review, along with tips from other successful hosts.

◦ Established experiences (over 20 reviews) with one or more low-star reviews and an average review rating that falls below 4.7 may be removed from the platform.

◦ New experiences (under 20 reviews) have time to get established, and are only at risk of removal if low-star reviews are received on 3 separate instances.

◦ Hosts will be notified if an experience’s average rating is approaching Airbnb’s eligibility threshold. We know it’s important that hosts understand their current rating and have clarity around next steps.

Read on for a detailed look at how low-star reviews may affect eligibility.

Understanding quality standards and eligibility criteria

What happens when I receive a low-star review?

Our team categorizes low-star reviews in order to better understand them and may reach out to share more context with you about the review and offer additional resources.

Feedback from guests can help you grow as a host, so try to imagine your guest’s perspective and consider the reasons they left a low-star review. Even if you don’t agree with their point of view, there may be something about this feedback that can inspire creative improvements that set you up for success moving forward.

Can a low-star review be removed?

If a review was left by a guest that did not attend the experience, or if you feel the review violates our content policy, you can reach out to our Customer Experience team to request that it be evaluated for removal.

How will I know when my experience is at risk of removal and what I can do to improve?

We understand building a business is a journey and things are not always perfect right off the bat. This is why criteria for removal varies based on whether an experience is new or more established. When building this criteria, our team analyzed review ratings to ensure hosts at every phase of the journey have the opportunity to grow and succeed. More details on the current phases and standards can be found in the Help Center.

If your experience’s rating is approaching our quality and eligibility thresholds, we will notify you. We invite you to reach out if you have questions, or if you want to know more about your experience’s current standing. You can also learn more by reviewing one of these Experience Resource Center Articles:

◦ Accuracy: setting and surpassing expectations

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◦ Communicating with guests

◦ Tips for hosting a safe experience

The entire Airbnb Experience host community benefits when guests trust that any experience that they book on Airbnb will be exceptional. As we build a marketplace of experiences that go beyond traditional tourism, we’d love to hear your thoughts on maintaining high-quality experiences, and what further support you’d like to see from the Airbnb team. Send us your thoughts: We’re listening.