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Most experience hosts on Airbnb have liability insurance coverage through Airbnb’s Experience Protection Insurance (EPI) program.

EPI provides primary liability coverage for hosts who are providing experiences. In the event that one of your guests is injured or has their property damaged during an experience, this program protects you against covered liability claims up to $1,000,000 in U.S. dollars (or the local equivalent) per experience.

Avoiding accidents is always the best outcome. Here are some general safety precautions you can take:

  • Communicate openly with guests and let them know about any risks in advance.
  • Speak up if you’re uncomfortable with a situation.
  • Use the appropriate safety equipment.
  • Regularly communicate safety protocol in your experience description, in messages with guests, and in person.

Examples of situations that are covered by EPI:

  • A guest breaks their wrist after falling off a bicycle during a city ride and brings a claim for the injury against the experience host.
  • A guest in a cooking class accidentally starts a grease fire, which sets off the sprinkler system. The fire and water damage part of the restaurant that the experience host had secured for the class. The third-party landlord of the restaurant brings a claim for damage against the experience host.

Examples of possible exclusions:

  • Intentional acts where liability isn’t the result of an accident
  • Accusations of slander or defamation of character
  • Aircraft and car accidents, including vehicle collisions on the way to or from the experience
  • Damage to the experience host’s own property or injuries to an experience host or their employees
  • Injuries or damage involving alcohol

For questions regarding your specific situation, we recommend that you consult with your insurance broker or agent about your specific insurance needs.

You can learn more about this insurance program on our Experience Protection Insurance page.