Do you find yourself wishing you had more time? For family? For hobbies? For all of life that happens after work hours?

A single dad raising three kids in Echo Park, Los Angeles, working long days at an unfulfilling Job, Jonathan couldn’t find a way to make time for all of the things in his life. When Jonathan’s schedule got cut back at work, he decided to list an extra room in his house on Airbnb as a source of extra income. That was the moment everything changed for Jonathan.

Soon he was renting out a second room, and he quickly found energy returning to his life. He had energy to play with his kids, energy to care for his guests, and energy to devote to his neglected ceramics hobby.

Today, ceramics is more than hobby for Jonathan—it’s a calling that has turned into a real business.

Read the full story of how Jonathan transformed his home, his work, and his life. 


Two of Jonathan’s ceramic lamps

Jonathan’s unique handmade lamps caught on in LA at local boutiques, and he has since collaborated with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Find more on Jonathan and his lamp collection at

Want to stay with Jonathan the next time you’re in Los Angeles? Jonathan’s Airbnb profile and listings.

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