Two years ago, we thanked you for making Airbnb a global movement.

Today, we owe you a whole new debt of gratitude.

The Airbnb community extends into nearly every country. In each place, a handful of pioneering hosts who believed in a new vision of hospitality brought local, personal experiences to visitors. And as the communities grew, these first hosts and guests became the nucleus of something much, much bigger.

So it’s time for us to say “thank you” in four ways, a million times over:

Cheers. One million guests from the United Kingdom have discovered what it means to come back with better stories.

Merci. As of today, one million guests from France have traveled on Airbnb.

Grazie. One million guests have experienced the hospitality of Airbnb hosts in Italy.

Gracias. One million travelers have explored Spain in a unique new way.

We owe our communities around the world a huge debt of gratitude. And we can’t wait to continue the journey with you.