What are Airbnb Concerts?

Airbnb Concerts are intimate, recurring shows that are typically hosted by professional musicians in their home cities, music lovers, or venue owners.  

How do Airbnb Concerts work?

Each Airbnb Concert is designed and organized by a host, who has the artistic freedom to choose the artist, venue, and ticket price. Becoming a concert host means you’ll be a concert promoter, band manager, and business owner all rolled into one. When organizing a concert and setting the ticket price, it’s important that hosts consider the cost of the venue, the artist fees, and any other costs involved.

What does it mean to be a concert host?

As a concert host, you’ll introduce guests to the music and places you’re most passionate about. Hosts don’t have to be musicians themselves—although many of them are—they just need a strong passion for bringing together live music and people in an intimate setting. These small shows range in size, but are capped at a maximum of 100 guests. Hosts procure the artists and often the venue, so it helps to have a local network to tap into.

What is the host responsible for?

Concert hosts are responsible for sourcing the artists, finding a unique venue (though we can help), setting up the event, and making sure the logistics run smoothly for the show. You can read more about our quality standards for hosts here.

How do I find a venue?

Most hosts use their knowledge of the city and personal connections to find unique venues. Get creative! We’ve seen concerts hosted in wine cellars, bookstores, art galleries, breweries, and even docked ships. If you have questions about finding a venue, you can email us at hostaconcert@airbnb.com.

Who can host an Airbnb Concert?

We are looking for people who are genuine, passionate, and knowledgeable about the music community they represent. You can read more about our host standards here.

How do I find artists and who pays their fee?

Most concert hosts tap into their local network to find artists, or are musicians themselves. This is your show and it is up to you to pay the artist fee based on ticket sales, so make sure to set the ticket price accordingly.

What does Airbnb provide?

Airbnb handles payment processing, provides 24-hour customer service, covers liability insurance through Experience Protection Insurance, and gives you access to our network of millions of travelers. You’ll also get your own page on Airbnb that people can use to book your concert.

What music genres are allowed?

Anything goes! We’ve seen it all—everything from folk and jazz to hip hop and electronic music.

How does pricing work?

As a concert host, you get to set the ticket price for your show. Hosts receive 80% of the total proceeds, which will also need to cover the cost of the artist and venue. The key here is to find a balance between a price that is low enough to be guest-friendly and one that is high enough to cover your costs and make a profit. It may help to look at ticket prices of other concerts in your area, but the most common ticket price is around $20-25.

How/when do I receive payment?

Once you’ve added your preferred payment method in your profile, Airbnb will release payment the day after your concert takes place. You can read more here.

Can my concert only be advertised on Airbnb?

You can advertise your concert however you like (through friends, email, social media, etc.), but tickets can only be bought and sold through the Airbnb platform.

Can tickets be purchased at the door?

No, tickets need to be purchased in advance through the Airbnb platform. You can read more about this in our Experience Host Terms.

What if my concert needs to be cancelled?

We strongly discourage cancellations, but understand there can be extenuating circumstances. You can read our cancellation policy here.

I own a venue. How do I work with you and artists?

Great! Please email us at hostaconcert@airbnb.com and we’d be happy to chat further.

How do I get started?

You can sign up to become a concert host by following the steps on the regular Airbnb Experiences website (a few aspects of the signup won’t be as applicable to Concerts, but we can make adjustments later).

I’m a musician. How do I perform at an Airbnb concert?

Hosts often scout new artists to perform at their shows. Join the artist community to let hosts know you’re interested, or reach out directly through the platform.