It’s time for the weekend again! Here’s what pushed our buttons in the world of travel this week.

Kick back and enjoy.


1. BBC Travel: A holiday Q&A with the TSA

Did you know that your jingly-belly Christmas sweater could get you into trouble at the airport? This article features some great airport tips for the holiday season – as well as some unintentionally hilarious stonewall answers (check out the response to “Do people ever dress up as Santa?”).

(Neither we nor the BBC can take credit for that incredible image up there; it’s courtesy Charles Fettinger, Flickr Creative Commons.)

2. Bacon Is Magic: Spain loves pig

This fantastic food/travel blog doesn’t ALWAYS feature pork products…but when it does, things get salty. This picture of hanging hams and the like at a local supermarket will get porky connoisseurs salivating and vegetarians recoiling.


3. USA Today: 10 (almost) free travel deals

Some of these bargains are incredible, including free flights to the Bahamas and two-for-ones in the Alps. And some of them are plain common sense, such as buying a National Parks pass in the USA. (Image courtesy smif, Flickr Creative Commons)

4. Nomadic Matt: 11 reasons why I love Thailand

Matt Kepnes, a digital nomad who wanders the world with little more than a backpack, waxes eloquent on one of his favorite countries. With most of the Northern Hemisphere shivering, thoughts of tropical paradise are welcome indeed.

Video of the week: Air New Zealand’s “Bare Essentials” security video.

This may be from several months ago, but it’ll keep you warm as New Zealand goes into its summer. Look closely and see if you can spot the stark truth behind this video. (Hearing those Kiwi accents is a bonus.)

So are you ready to bust out of your impending-winter (or New Zealand summer) doldrums? Find a place to stay!