As the weekend approaches, we’re dreaming of adventures around the world. Here are some travel tidbits that caught our eye this week.


1. National Geographic: 7 volcanoes erupting right now

As usual, National Geographic delivers amazing footage. Bet you knew that Hawaii would be on the list, but you might not have considered Italy and Congo as volcano-spotting destinations. You won’t want to miss this lava action. (The above image isn’t from the article; it’s courtesy Lindsey Elliott, Flickr Creative Commons.)

2. The Aussie Nomad: The beauty of Wales

Moving from incandescent action to bucolic relaxation, we recommend that you check out the Aussie Nomad’s travel blog. This week he takes a look at Wales. His photos definitely back up his opinion of Wales as a “once upon a time fairyland.”


3. Lonely Planet: Top 10 cities for 2012

Lonely Planet has come out with its must-see cities of next year. Perennial big-hitter London tops the list, but we’re guessing that there is at least one city you haven’t heard of (hint: it rhymes with “Kuimarães”). (Image courtesy Anirudh Koul, Flickr Creative Commons.)

4. Frommers: Packing for city trips

Speaking of cities, has put together a nifty packing guide geared towards people on short breaks. (One great tip: let your gadgets do the navigating.)

5. Traveldudes: Top 5 things to look for in a travel app

Those crazy kids at Traveldudes have put together a list of what to look for when you’re buying a smartphone travel app. It’s a good guide to differentiating bells and whistles from what you’ll actually need on the road.

6. Matador Network: 6 tips for travel research beyond a guidebook

If you like your travel information free and easy, you’ll appreciate this list from Matador. None of it is rocket science, but if Googling a destination term is the beginning and end of your methodology, you might want to take a quick look.

Video of the week: Malaysian fire twirler, from Overlander

The Overlander is another Aussie who’s traveling around the world and documenting his adventures. There’s something mesmerizing about his capture of a fire twirler in Malaysia. Hope you love it.

Happy weekend!