Hosts like you create welcoming experiences everyday in your homes, and we want to help you have the right tools to deliver those experiences.

In November at Airbnb Open, we previewed a brand-new dashboard for when you log into your account on your computer. Starting today,  on the web you’ll notice a redesigned Dashboard when you log in. On mobile you’ll find a redesigned Host Home experience along with a brand new Performance tab.

What do you have to look forward to? Well we’ve heard from hosts that they want more insight into their performance— we know that you want access to your pending requests, your upcoming reservation information, and your listing page data wherever you are.

HDB iOS pt2

To start, the new dashboard gives you insight into your overall outlook for the month—on the web it will show you how many guests you have hosted, how many countries they have come from, and on mobile it will show you how much you have earned for the month. It also shows your response rate and tells you how frequently you respond to travelers who reach out to you. A faster response rate, is attractive to guests who want to know they can confirm a booking with you quickly.

We’ve brought guests front and center by making upcoming reservations and pending request as a big part of the way you manage inquiries. You can see all of your pending requests and inquiries, and respond to them directly from the dashboard to help keep your response rate high and never miss out on a booking. Now, you can more easily see who’s arriving when, and be notified if there are any new messages from them, to help you plan your week.


Finally, in the web dashboard, you’ll see insights into seasonal travel trends and how your listing is performing. It will show you how many travelers are viewing your listing page every day, and notify you about a decrease in travelers searching for your area. You can also see tips to help you maximize bookings during these down-season periods.