What’s the secret to a 5-star rating? We’ll share some of the secret sauce with you. After sorting through guests’ reviews of our top-rated hosts, we’ve identified themes below for what contributes to a 5-star rated experience:

  • Value: Set a price that balances expectations with what your experience has to offer. Guests want to make sure their time, and money, is well spent.
  • Accuracy: Make sure your experience description is detailed, including who is hosting, location, what’s provided, duration, and activity. Guests want to know what they book aligns with your delivery.
  • Surprise & Delight: Find ways to go above and beyond what is anticipated. While guests have expectations, it often makes their day (and your review). Going backstage to meet the artist, receiving an extra drink, or stopping at a special viewpoint not featured in your description — guests love surprises!
  • Participation: Provide opportunities for guess to meaningfully engage in activities or conversations by fully taking part in interactions with you, what you’re doing together, and other guests.