Guests may hesitate to book an experience without reviews because they aren’t sure they can trust it. The sooner your experience page has multiple positive reviews, the sooner you’re likely to begin attracting more guests. Plus, hosts tell us that one of the most enjoyable parts about being a host is receiving glowing reviews.

Raise awareness about your experience online. Leverage the channels you already use to spread the word about your experience as soon as it goes live, encouraging your extended network to book it or to tell their friends. Hosts have successfully used Facebook, Instagram, and email listservs to raise awareness about bookings. Include what you’re hosting and why—and, of course, provide a link to your Airbnb experience page. Hashtags like #AirbnbExperiences can help your posts reach an even wider audience.

Start at a lower price to build social proof. While pricing is entirely up to you, it’s a good idea to set a price that balances guest expectations with what your experience offers. A top tip from hosts is to temporarily lower the price, which helps to generate reviews, build credibility, and establish trust in the Airbnb community:

We decided from the beginning to start at a lower price. We wanted people to start to know us and start to do reviews…

–Luca and Lorenzo, hosts of Cooking class in the Chianti Hills in Florence

Regardless of how much traffic you get to your experience you have to get people to press the ‘book now’ button. That’s why pricing is important—don’t price yourself out of the market.

–Travis, host of Find zen balancing rocks in San Francisco

Add some extra value. Ideally, when guests walk away from your experience they’ll feel like they got great value for the price they paid and the time you spent together. Little things can make a big difference! Some hosts offer sunscreen, snacks, or water while others provide insider information or photography skills. Thoughtful gestures like these help guests feel like you’re a host who goes above and beyond:

Our approach is to always surpass our guests’ expectations, leaving them with a feeling that they’ve received more than what they paid for. We entertain our guests with amusing and historic stories surrounding the sign… We also take many creative photos for our guests so that they have something to remember their experience by.

–Jessie and Thomas, hosts of The Hollywood Sign Hike in Los Angeles

Go the extra mile on every experience in the beginning, even if you overcapitalize, as the reviews you get will pave the way for your future bookings.

–Paris, host of Sunset Biking Under Table Mountain in Cape Town

Make authentic connections and follow up. Successful hosts foster a connection with guests that enhances the experience and can extend beyond it, opening the door for further communication.

Jim, host of Grubbing Toronto’s Greektown in Toronto, will post his guest’s reviews on his own social media channels along with photos taken during their experience (with the guests’ permission of course). This promotes the positive review he received on other channels, and since the guests are featured in it, they’ll typically amplify the post by making a comment or sharing it with their own network.

Hogan, host of Korean Home Food Cooking in Seoul, photographs guests during the experience and emails the pictures to them a few days later. At the end of the message, he kindly reminds guests to leave him a review.