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On April 1, 2019, guests will be able to cancel an experience up to 7 days before a scheduled experience. This change can reduce the time our hosts spend reaching out to the Airbnb team to cancel an experience on behalf of their guests.

Understanding the guest cancellation policy

Booking an experience should be simple and fair for both guests and hosts. Here’s what you need to know:

  • As of April 1st, 2019, guests are eligible for a refund if they cancel more than 7 days before the experience is scheduled to start.
  • An experience is fully refundable if a guest cancels within 24 hours of reserving it—except in the case where a guest tries to cancel after the experience has already started.
  • Full details can be found in the Airbnb Help Center.

Why are guests allowed to cancel within 24 hrs of booking?

Today’s 24-hr grace period can give guests the confidence to book an experience as they plan their travel.  

However, we’ve heard from hosts that it’s disruptive when last-minute bookings are canceled close to the start time. So, we’re currently exploring ways to update this part of the policy. Keep the feedback coming!

Need to cancel an experience? Here’s information on the host cancellation policy.