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We’re rolling out an exciting update to your experience pages––a gallery of real photos from your past guests! After a guest takes an experience, they are asked to upload photos with their review. On a weekly basis, Experience guests upload nearly 3,000 photos! This new update highlights these special moments and can help potential guests decide to take the leap and book.

Guest review photos from Ionut’s Dublin Busking Experience

This update is part of a broader initiative to improve experience pages and help increase bookings. We’re working to understand guests and adjust how we present experiences to them. Our team recently tested a few variations of experience page designs and found that when guests viewed six or more photos bookings increased by 18%. Many guests found extra photos helped them understand what to expect on an experience, and even helped them imagine themselves as a future guest.

More details about this update

Here’s how it works: If a guest leaves a 4 or 5-star review, they’ll have the option to add any photos they took during your activity directly to your experience page. Once photos are added, they’ll appear in a collection of other guest photos under your review section. This is an excellent opportunity to show potential guests first hand what your experience is all about and what they should expect after they book.

Guest review photos from Ionut’s Dublin Busking Experience

If a guest posts something you aren’t comfortable with, or that violates our content policy, you can hide the photo from your page. Additionally, anyone visiting your page will have the option to “flag” a photo and photos that violate our content policy will be removed.

We’re always open to your feedback to keep evolving your experience pages. Share your thoughts with us!