For a country no larger than New Jersey, Israel is a mighty wondrous place. As the epicenter of the of the world’s monotheistic religions, it’s of no surprise that Jerusalem is flooded with tourism, and the modern capital, Tel Aviv, offers a dazzling allure of arts and entertainment to rival the best. We’d heard the practices and attitudes of each city couldn’t be more different, so we set out to meet their peoples, cameras in hand. 

The holy land of Jerusalem may be considered a maze to some, but the team was lucky enough to have our own personal tour guide, Ross, who showed us everything from Jaffa (the old city) to the Shuk located a street away from his and Leah’s lovely apartment. Sitting in their living room you’ll find the peace and quiet of a country cottage, only to realize that within steps you can be immersed in the beating heart of the city.


In Jaffa, hundreds of years of civilizations were distinguishable in the stratum of the rock walls. Traveling down the layers in time and imagining those who stood on that very ground, one can’t help but feel staggering awe and minuteness, and ponder on what our layer will convey to posterity. AirTV was on hand to capture the history, beauty, and local flavor provided by our two lovely hosts, as well as our gathering with a few of Jerusalem’s finest Airbnbees. Meet them hereGreat eateries recommended by our local hosts: kosher lunch at Rachmo near the marketplace, and Marakia, a down-home super soup place. 


While the Jerusalem experience is steeped in history, Tel Aviv is alive and buzzing. Its populace has reverence for the days gone by, though one gets the sense that they recognize this era is special and fleeting, and they’re determined to enjoy it to the fullest. We did our best to help this cause, gathering the community together on the main drag of Sderot Rothschild for an evening of spectacular wine and nibbles in hopes of learning what Tel Aviv is all about. The photos tell all! While you’re on the strip, be sure to visit: gastropub Social Club and awesome bar-slash-subterranean danceclub Milk. Venture beyond the city center to Yoezer Wine Bar for dinner/drinks in a stunning venue.


They say your world is a five block radius from your home, so travelers will be delighted to hear that just beyond the doors of many an Airbnb delights await. In the Florentin district, one can find everything from an original historic furniture workshop, vibrant nightlife, and fantastic eateries. Nechama was the consummate hostess with a place to match – complete with a beautiful bathroom, super cozy bedroom, and a living room (with pullout) bathed with natural light. AirTV took a stroll to discover the history of this hip neighborhood, explore what the locals were workin’ on, where to find the absolute best hummus.

We’re still on the move, scouting out the local gems, and meeting the people that make every journey so memorable. Follow along! Istanbul and London are up next…