It’s Thanksgiving in the US, or “Turkey Day” as many American call it, in honor of the tasty bird most closely associated with the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, America, and may your day be filled with pie and good company.

If you’re not celebrating in the American tradition this year, it’s still a wonderful day to celebrate Turkey—the country, that is—and dream of your next getaway.

For your browsing enjoyment on this Turkey Day, we selected photos from some of the best-reviewed, popular on Wishlists, and simply most interesting and beautiful properties from across Turkey on Airbnb. Urban flats with welcoming hosts, beachfront villas, rustic houses in ancient vineyards, even cave dwellings in the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia—Turkey has options to satisfy a traveler on almost any budget.

Are you craving Turkey yet?

Want a second helping? We’ve got plenty more Turkey where this came from.