Earlier today, we activated our disaster response tool in major cities in Colorado including Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Fort Morgan and Breckenridge. This tool will help Airbnb hosts and people with extra space in their homes provide housing to families and individuals who have been displaced by the flooding in Colorado.  When we activate the response tool, we email members of the Airbnb community in the affected area, and we waive all of our host and guest fees (Update: The fee-free period has been extended through September 30th).

We encourage Airbnb hosts and folks who have extra room to make their space available for free or at a discount. And if you need a place to stay, here is a list of available options.

Today, there are countless organizations in Colorado and people across the state that are doing incredible work in the face of this disaster. We hope this will help support their efforts.

Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’ve got extra space. How can I help?

If you’re an existing Airbnb host in or around Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Fort Morgan, or Breckenridge and can help, please consider lowering your price. You can do this in your account settings. If you’re not an existing host, but have some extra space you can share, please consider offering your space so others might find you.

I need a place to stay. What should I do?

Click here to see available listings.

What does “fee-free” mean? Does that mean I don’t get charged for a room?

Airbnb is waiving all of our host and guest fees for spaces in and around major cities in Colorado (including Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Fort Morgan and Breckenridge). This means that we are not charging hosts or guests the normal percentage of the listing price that we take as revenue. This means that Airbnb will be making no money off any of these bookings, and we won’t be recouping any transaction fees. Fee-free traveling and hosting applies to both guests who book and hosts who accept new bookings that start between September 16 and September 30 in the affected area. (The max trip length is seven nights.)

Guests still have to pay the price charged by the hosts – which we hope is as low as possible.

I’ve already booked a trip to one of these regions. Can I benefit from the fee waiver?

We are waiving our fees to help people in need. If you are not in an emergency situation, we ask that you honor the original price you’ve paid. If you believe that you are booking in response to a genuine emergency, please contact us.

I’m confused about the fee-free period. When is it?

You won’t be charged any fees for a booking in the regions listed above if the booking begins on any day from September 16 to September 23, 2013 and lasts seven nights or fewer.

What about security deposits and cleaning fees?

These charges are up to the host, as always. We encourage hosts to be as flexible as possible during this time.

As a host, am I still covered by the Host Guarantee?

Yes. As long as the booking is made through Airbnb, you are covered by the $1,000,000 Host Guarantee.

What if I live/am traveling outside the regions listed above?

We have identified these regions as those most affected by the floods in Colorado. Pricing and fees in other regions will continue as usual.

I am a host and want to reduce my price. How can I tell people?

If you are hosting in the affected area and offer your space for free, your listing will automatically appear on our Colorado Response Page.

As a Guest, what do I need to book a $0 listing?

Click here to see available listings. If you decide to book, we’ll ask for some basic verification information. For more details, visit our FAQ.