Happy Friday!


This week, we’ve been exploring the concept of home. We started out by wondering what makes the concept of “home” so remarkable. As the ideas began pouring in, we realized that homes were amazing preservers of stories.

Springtime inspired us to discuss rejuvenating the home. And then we got philosophical, delving into how different senses affect the perception of homes around the world. Deep stuff.

But with the weekend here, we’re lightening up – big time. Maybe it’s the blood-sugar low, but we noticed that a lot of folks in our Facebook and Twitter communities associated home with favorite candies from their youth. And we realized that bringing souvenir candy from your travels is one of the easiest (and most ingratiating ways) to share your experience of “home” with your friends.

So we made a sweet little video, just for you. Hope you enjoy it. And have a delicious weekend.


(In the mood for something more savory? Mosey on over to our “Travel Trinkets” Pinterest board.)