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Deo is a long-time host from Barcelona with a penchant for going above and beyond guest expectations during his experience Captain Deo, where he takes guests sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. When it comes to unforeseen challenges, he navigates them in a way that leaves his guests feeling taken care of. With Deo, no matter how rocky things might get, it’s always smooth sailing.

Since Deo has over 355 reviews (he’s hosted hundreds of guests around the world and comes highly recommended!), we knew he had some tricks up his sleeve for being a top-notch hospitality expert. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice from Deo on his keys to success:

What are a couple of examples of unexpected issues you’ve encountered when hosting, and how did you address them to make sure your guests left with a positive experience?

For me, the most important aspect of being a host is that you like both dealing and being with people. You need to like mingling with people from other countries and cultures.

Secondly, be serious, flexible and prepared. Having the boat clean and ready for guests is fundamental. Guests expect this.

Third, always greet your guests with a smile. You will create a comfortable and nice environment. Good humor is fundamental and universal.

If one of the guests doesn’t feel well, pay more attention, cheer them up and keep an eye on what they might need. If I offer food or tapas, I try to offer quality (it only costs a little bit more) and the guest really appreciates it.

Additionally, tell your guests about the most interesting places in your city, like restaurants, pubs you know, and other places that are worth paying a visit, and what are the most suitable times to check them out.

How can you tell when guests aren’t feeling comfortable or enjoying themselves? How do you try to engage them?

In my experience, 95% of the time when people that feel uncomfortable it’s because they are sea sick (fortunately there are just a few cases). I send an email the day before the experience is taking place and tell them the benefits of taking Dramamine an hour before we set sail. If they do feel nauseous, I try to comfort them and make sure they have everything they need in case they feel sick, like a seasickness bag, water, etc.

What is your advice for other hosts on how they can continue to demonstrate hospitality even when things aren’t going as they planned?  

You have to remember that you’re very fortunate that guests chose your experience. The clients reserve your experience with the hope of having an amazing time. You have to feel grateful that they chose you. Always talk to them with a smile, talk to each one of them and be flexible.  

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