We have heard your feedback that you still have many questions about the Host Relief Fund program and how it applies to experience hosts, so we’re providing additional clarity and transparency around the program and process here.

While we are proud that Airbnb employees, founders and investors came together to contribute $17 Million to build the Host Relief Fund and give back to the host community, we acknowledge that unfortunately it will only be enough to provide relief to a very small percentage of  hosts.

We’ve done our best to create a fair, objective process to provide relief to those who have given the most to the community and demonstrated the most need.  We are therefore prioritizing hosts who:

  • Most need support for their business’s survival 
  • Rely on Airbnb for their business
  • Are among the most tenured hosts in the community
  • Have made a significant contribution to the host community as leaders and mentors


Who qualifies to apply for the Host Relief Program?

To qualify, experience hosts must:

  • Have a verified identity
  • Have been a host of experiences for a year or more
  • Have lost a significant percentage of their earnings due to COVID-19
  • Show a reliance on Airbnb as a vital source of income


How and when will I hear if I’ve qualified to apply?

Hosts will be invited via email to apply for the program. We have split the invitations to apply into 2 groups: “Spring” and “Summer” based on earnings lost between Feb-Apr and May-July.  

We will finish sending the “Spring” invitations by the end of May, and the “Summer” invitations will all be sent in August.


How are you deciding which experience hosts have been hit the hardest?

We know this type of information is complex and sensitive, which is why we put together specific criteria to make our decisions more objective. 

  • We start by looking at whether the experience host offered at least 150 instances on Airbnb between March 16, 2019 and March 15, 2020.  
  • We then look at hosts’ earning trends, and invite those whose earnings have decreased more than 75% when compared to last year’s earnings during the same time period. 
  • Finally, we use hosts’ responses in their applications to better understand how that decrease has affected their ability to make ends meet.


How large are the Host Relief Fund grants? 

The grants range from $1-5k, and the grant size is determined based on the assessed host need.  


Host Relief Fund application – what information is asked of the host?

The application is sent to the email address linked to the host’s Airbnb account. These are the questions that are included in the application:

  1. Has COVID-19 significantly impacted your financial situation? Please describe how you would benefit from receiving relief.
  2. What other income sources do you rely on—outside of hosting Experience(s) on Airbnb?
  3. How many co-hosts do you operate with on a regular basis? 
  4. In which other ways have you meaningfully contributed to the Airbnb Experiences community?