For many, completing the 26.2 miles of the TCS New York Marathon is a lifetime achievement. A bucket list moment. A dream come true. And that’s definitely the case for our friend Simon Wheatcroft. Except there’s one difference: Simon just flew in from England and is now running an ultramarathon from Boston to New York… all before marathon day even begins.

There’s one more thing: Simon is completely blind.

At 17, a rare eye disease robbed Simon of his ability to see. But instead of admitting defeat, he decided to do something for himself. He began running. First, short distances near his home. Next, on closed roads completely by himself. It became his source of independence despite his condition. And a decade after he lost his vision, Simon is now an ultramarathon runner.

A couple of weeks ago, we put out a call to hosts and fans along the route from Boston to New York to help share Simon’s dream and host him on his way. We thought it might be a long shot, but we were wrong. The number of excited offers and passionate support simply overwhelmed us!

We’re excited to report that we have a full roster of hosts all the way from Boston to New York—people who are as inspired by Simon’s dream as we are! So thank you to those hosts. Thanks to Runkeeper, who helped get Simon here to their HQ in Boston and will be running with him (and some of our own fearless Airbnb family) all the way to NYC. And, of course, thank you to ALL who helped us spread the word.

We still need help, though! To make sure Simon knows just how amazing he is, we want to line his route with crowds of supporters. Even if you can’t make it, we’d love your help cheering him along on social media, so we can share your messages with him.

Help us share Simon’s dream and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime event!

See Simon’s route

You can follow him @AndAdapt for updates on his progress. Or, for more information on his route, check our Airbnb TCS NYC Marathon Tumblr page.

We’ll also be hosting plenty of other celebrations as New York welcomes a whole world of runners. So stay tuned!