“Among my friends, I’m the Airbnb guru,” Shevi tells us. Also on her resume?  A background in writing and filmmaking, as well as real estate investment and development. On the side, she’s always been an avid design enthusiast. Sharing her family’s home just became a way to supplement their lifestyle and taste for design. “I was the first one to do it, and am always telling friends they should do it, too.”

That’s not to say that she and her husband Ronen, a CTO for a high-tech company, didn’t initially have reservations about listing their San Francisco residence, which straddles the Noe Valley and Castro neighborhoods. “We had been thinking about it, and one day just decided to do it,” she recalls.
Airbnb host designSo what do Shevi, Ronen and their two children do with their hosting income? Something fun for the whole family, of course: vacation! And while away—staying in an Airbnb in Paris or Manhattan, perhaps—they are happy to open their home to others. “From an ecological standpoint,” she says, “you have something available. Why not let someone else use and enjoy it?”

While Shevi and Ronen’s 1908 dwelling was renovated prior to their purchase of it, the interior design was a passion project for her, reflecting her modern sensibility. She continued the aesthetic outside, with the wooden deck, metal bar, and hot tub—trappings of an indelible stay. “We’re not just giving them a bed and getting some money in exchange,” she remarks. “I like to think that they’re getting a design experience and, with such a great location, a trip that they will always remember.”

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