Or is it “football”?

Either way – it’s piłka nożna in Poland and футбол (futbol) in Ukraine. And it’s happening now!

The Euro 2012 tournament, Europe’s climax of sports frenzy, kicks off on June 8 in the Polish cities of Warsaw and Wroclaw.

All eyes will be on Eastern Europe as the tournament builds to a peak on July 1, where two teams will battle it out to determine who is the European champ. The lucky host city is Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

For many spectators, the games are a great excuse to get to know two often-overlooked Eastern European countries. Many Polish cities are well known for their blend of Communist architecture and captivating medieval centers. Less well known are such Ukrainian highlights as seductive Lviv.

If you’re within a comfortable flying radius of the two host nations, it’s not too late to grab a budget flight and join the madness – from the comfort of a gorgeous Polish or Ukrainian home. And for those who aren’t so lucky, there’s always the joy of watching the action from afar. And to whet your appetite, we’ve put together some of our most mouthwatering regional listings in our Eclectic Eastern Europe Collection.


Or you could just sit back and watch the best of what the sport has to offer. Kind of.

Enjoy the games!