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Sure, Melanie had a successful experience, almost always fully booked, held on the beach in Los Angeles, but she was starting to feel burnt out by how complicated her events had become. She was booking musicians, serving the best vegan food, and her guests were having a good time. People hanging out on the beach around them wanted to know what was going on and join in. While Melanie loved connecting with new people and facilitating connections amongst her guests, she was starting to wonder why she was going through this a few times a week? She felt drained and tired, and not energized after her evenings. How did Melanie slow down, refocus herself, and turn this thing around? Read on for one host’s inspiring make-under story.

I started out offering a Sunset Beach Picnic, where I’d serve guests the best vegan food, and have the best musicians play on the beach at sunset. I felt some pressure to compete with outside forces – other events out there that offered the best food and entertainment. Arranging all the details, organizing these elements was stressful. I wasn’t feeling good about organizing these experiences. At the same time I realized what people were enjoying wasn’t all the fancy elements, but instead, they really seemed to love coming together and connecting with each other.

It took me some time, and I had to really consider what I wanted people to take away from my experience? What was it that only I could offer them? I am a speech therapist and I started incorporating mediation work with my families and children into my work and my own personal life. I decided to start focusing my experience on meditation and connection. My experience really started to blossom as it became more aligned with my personal passion and mission.

Melanie beach meditation airbnb

I found more clarity when I really focused on what would best serve my guests –– what were they getting out of this? I asked myself, what did people attending my experience want to feel?

I have traveled all over the world, and often solo, so I put myself back in that place. I know how important it is to slow down and take in a new place and make connections with other local people. The travelers I was meeting wanted to feel, like Airbnb says, like they belong anywhere.

I started removing elements and focused more on the connection between people and sharing my passion, teaching others how to meditate and providing a space to unplug and relax.  I realized I could help travelers feel safe and slow down, to be one with nature. I realized I didn’t need all the extra elements like fancy food and music because this is the human experience, we’re all looking for human connection, and to have a beautiful moment in nature.

Since deciding to stay in alignment with my own mission, I noticed my experience started to blossom. Bookings and five-star reviews came in much easier. I was attracting the right guests and they were my people. This took a little time to develop, but I’m so glad I didn’t stick to my original experience. This experience has become even more rewarding to me, I am now focusing on giving my guests a new skill and tool, a way to find peace in their life. Everything now feels so aligned, and I’ve just launched another experience for families!

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