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Hosting an experience on Airbnb is an exciting opportunity to share your expertise with guests from all around the world. If you are already an experienced tour guide or workshop leader, listing your experience with Airbnb is an exciting way to connect with a new community made of tens of millions of travelers and locals looking for unique experiences. In addition to connecting with new people who are interested in your expertise or city, you’ll also tap into a new revenue stream to help support yourself as an entrepreneur.

It’s essential that your tour or workshop is a good fit for Airbnb and meets our community’s high expectations. Taking time to adapt your existing tour or workshop to our platform will better enable you to find success and reach your hosting goals. These three steps have helped other seasoned hosts to bring their experience to the Airbnb community and may help you prepare to submit your listing.

Launch an experience unique to Airbnb

Airbnb guests are looking for unique ways to explore your city, and they value things like:

  • Unique experiences in your city that make guests feel like locals.
  • Experiences that offer a fresh perspective on an activity they are passionate or curious about from a local expert like yourself.
  • Experiences that give access to a community and/or that actively engage them and allow them to connect with each other and with you.

A successful, memorable Airbnb experience can bring together multiple elements: a local hotspot, regional specialty, or trending topic and your unique passion, expertise, and access. If you’re currently offering a biking tour of your city, consider coming up with an exclusive and inventive version of this tour, including an additional landmark or new approach of your tour.

For example, Ryan, the host of Hike the Runyon Canyon with a rescue dog, first offered a simple meet-and-greet rescue dogs experience for guests. Shortly after launching, he pivoted his experience and added in a hike through one of Los Angeles’ most famous hiking hotspots. This experience also now includes stopping for photos of the Hollywood sign. Ryan now has over four hundred 5-star reviews and counting–– a very successful outcome for Ryan and his rescue dogs.

Consider the quality standards guests expect

Airbnb guests trust experiences listed on our platform meet our high standards for quality. As you review your current tour or workshop to assess whether it would be a fit for Airbnb, think about how it will meet our community’s high expectations. Our community of hosts are known for exceptional levels of hospitality, offering insider access to local places and communities that guests couldn’t find on their own, and lastly showcasing unique talents, passions, and expertise.

When you submit your experience, you’ll want to highlight the ways your tour or workshop can:

  • Make guests feel welcome, safe and at ease
  • Offer a deep-dive into your world through your passion
  • Give access to a unique aspect of your city or offer a perspective guests cannot find elsewhere
  • Involve guests in active participation

Ensuring your tour or workshop includes these elements, and highlighting them in the description on your listing page, will help you set and meet your guest’s expectations.

Dogtown Cultural History

The best part was right after I shot this photo all of the people in the photo started talking and exchanging info and were excited to meet up all over the world. It was a pinch me moment and the smiles of everyone in the photo is why I love being an experience host. – Dan, host of Dogtown Cultural History in Los Angeles, California

Be ready to adapt to new challenges

When you already offer a tour or workshop locally, you might have grown to expect a particular type of guest. Because Airbnb guests come from all over the world, consider what might make an experience on Airbnb different from the current tours or workshops you offer.

As you plan to list your experience, here are some things to remember:
Individual experiences must be exclusive to Airbnb guests, so please do not sell tickets for a date that you offer on Airbnb through another platform or your own website. (For example, if you offer an experience on Airbnb on Saturday evenings at 7pm, make sure the only attendees are Airbnb guests. You can, of course, host a similar tour or class at other times for other audiences.)

  • Only the person listed on your experience page can lead the experience. Your guests are expecting you to host – after all this is all about you and your story!
  • The maximum group size is ten guests to keep experiences personal.
  • Guests can be advance planners or spontaneous. Some prefer to book months in advance so they can lock in a specific experience, but many of bookings occur within the week of the experience.
  • Guests may have varying levels of familiarity with your topic. Be sure to explain if a certain level of skill is required to participate.
  • Guests may not be familiar with your city, so clearly lay out all details, such as the meeting place, what to wear, and what is and is not included in your experience, so guests feel prepared and at ease before the experience begins.
  • Consider setting expectations with clear communication before the experience. Many successful hosts send a message or two before the event to ensure their guests are prepared.
  • Guests may not have access to specialized equipment, so be sure to state whether you are providing everything guests will need to participate fully in your experience.

Matt, the host of Harbour Kayak Adventure in Sydney, Australia, shows how attending to your guests’ comfort and safety can help guests feel safe and at ease. Matt has many 5-star reviews that point out to how he makes his guests feel safe and attended to:

Kajaking with Matt through a part of Sydney harbor was a great experience. Although we used the same waterways as ferries, cruise ships and private yachts, and it was interesting to see them from this angle, it never felt unsafe and Matt always had an eye on us. Part of his tour was to stop by at Goat Island, which is not allowed unless you have permit. Matt shared some very interesting stories about the history of this little island and it offers a perspective of the city which one usually don’t see. In particular I loved the fact that this was a small group (and according to him, he likes to keep it this way to maintain a high level of safety) which in turn gave us the opportunity to approach him with questions at any time. The 4 hours with Matt flew by and it felt great doing something physical (without getting exhausted) and still enjoy sightseeing. -Oliver

Hosting an experience with Airbnb is an opportunity to share your passion with a worldwide audience. Take a moment to assess the tours and workshops you currently offer and submit your listing to Airbnb. We’re excited to see you plan and lead activities that showcase your unique interests and expertise!