You never know when love might hit you.

Airbnb’s inaugural Volunteer Day was a huge success, with a massive turnout across the country. Neighbors got together, got to know each other, and worked hand in hand to benefit their communities.

As we met our community members, we were captivated by their stories. One story stood out to us – the tale of Megan and Tocco, two Airbnb hosts who were brought together through local travel.

We found the happy couple at Washington DC’s Marion St Intergenerational Garden, where we had come together to plant bulbs for next spring. But their story started in Berlin.

Megan and Tocco met in a local cafe unfrequented by tourists. Had Megan not stayed in that particular apartment at that particular time, she would never have met the man who moved to the USA from Germany for her.

We love Tocco and Megan’s story because it demonstrates the value of authentic, deep travel experiences. If you open your eyes, you can explore more in a minute than many people can in years.