The Year of the Pig is almost here, and people across Asia will be celebrating with parades, lights, and of course, trips.

Here are a few things you can do to get ready for this increase in travelers, and make sure some of this traffic comes to you.

Add more dates to your calendar

While the Lunar New Year is on Feb. 5, businesses generally shut down for three weeks. In fact, our researchers are forecasting the potential for a 60% increase in Chinese experience guests in Asian markets between Jan. 18 to Feb. 12. Schedule more experiences, and make yourself available—both during the day and the evening—to capitalize on this influx of visitors.

Make your experience family-friendly

It’s not just offices that are closed—schools are on a break as well, which means people could very well be traveling with children. If possible, think about adjusting elements of your experience to welcome underage guests as well. Whether it’s adding more or different snacks and drinks, adjusting your time to be earlier, or keeping the content G-rated, little changes could mean a big increases in bookings.

Offer your experience in Mandarin (if you’re fluent!)

For examples, have a look at these highlighted experiences

Since a large volume of those traveling for the holiday are from China, offering experiences in their predominant language makes a lot of sense. You can even publish a version of your page in another language by adjusting the settings within your experience.

Add Lunar New Year details to your experience

Hosts all over the world can celebrate Lunar New Year

From the photos on your page to the food you provide, there are lots of opportunities to celebrate the Lunar New Year during your experience. You could give your guests a small gift, or even incorporate references to the Year of the Pig in a way that makes sense for your experience. When a Chinese guest books, wish them 新春快乐 (Happy New Year), and after the experience is complete, follow-up with a message of 祝您猪年大吉 in a group chat. Make sure to reflect new seasonal touches in your experience description and photos to attract holiday travelers.

This time of the year is one of the biggest opportunities for hosts in Asia. With a little thought and some minor adjustments, your experience can build on the excitement of Lunar New Year, and make your guests feel even more welcome.