Hong Kong is a crazy city. It’s high-tech energy meets high-living glamour, all in an impressive natural setting.

We knew that anything could happen in Hong Kong. But even so, we were blown away by the story of Erica, who hosted us in a local neighborhood.

Erica came with us to the party we threw following our CEO Brian’s presentation at All Things Digital Asia. Even among a great mix of techies and fashionistas, Erica stood out because of her unique journey.

Originally from New York by way of Boston in the USA, Erica had a background as a successful shoe designer. Four years ago, she decided to give it all up to move to Hong Kong, a city she fell in love with, and build robots.

Along with her co-founders, Erica built Autom, a robot that keeps track of your diet and exercise habits and provides you with advice on how to achieve your fitness goals.

Although Erica is passionate about her new home, Hong Kong is not exactly kind to folks on a startup budget. That’s why Erica listed her spaces on Airbnb. In her words, “Not only does it give me the financial boost I need to enjoy more of what Hong Kong and Asia have to offer, but it allows me to share my favorite city with travelers from all over the world. Sharing stories with guests who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time makes me fall in love with the city all over again.”

We’re thrilled to have had Erica hosting us. And we should also thank our partners for all their support: Sassy Hong Kong, the Tazmania Ballroom, and The Wanderlister.