Last Thursday, we asked the Airbnb community to tweet their answer to the question, “Where in the world would YOU want to find yourself?”


We were thrilled to see so many amazing entries, comprised of your creative five-word captions and links to some of the most daydream-worthy listings on our site.



@juniorhee wants “To Live like Johnny Depp” on her own private Fiji island, safe from the prying eyes of paparazzi and adoring fans.



@orange_ukelele may have felt a bit of pre-Curiosity landing fever when he linked to our 4/1 listing of the International Space Station with the quip: “Spacewalks make for good exercise.”

And, finally, our grand prize winner of $250 Airbnb credit is —  @HeyJerGo!


And the treehouse/hiding spot of his desire:



Thanks to everyone who participated — and congratulations to Jeremy! (If the zombies haven’t gotten to him yet.)