Trust @ Airbnb

Trust is the key to our community.

There is no place for anonymity in a trusted community. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our users with the best decision-making tools possible.

We believe that the right technology can help lay the foundation for trust in other people. We’ve committed to innovation in the trust arena, with features like our secure payment structure, 24/7 customer service, sophisticated messaging tools, and $1,000,000 Host Guarantee.

Today, we are proud to introduce Airbnb Verified ID—the next step for trust at Airbnb.

Verified ID provides a connection between the online and offline spaces. Airbnb users can earn a “Verified ID” badge on their profile by providing their online identity (via existing Airbnb reviews, LinkedIn, or Facebook) and matching it to offline ID documentation, such as confirming personal information or scanning a photo ID. The name provided by both channels must match for verification to succeed.

Starting today, Airbnb will require a random 25% of users in the USA to go through the Verified ID process. Soon, we’ll expand this requirement to users around the world. We hope that hosts and guests worldwide will see the benefits of interacting with users who complete Verified ID. Our goal is for all Airbnb members to have Verified ID eventually.

Any Airbnb host can now require their prospective guests to obtain Verified IDs before booking. Trust runs in both directions, so any host who requests this condition must also get verified.

In the meantime, you can jump the queue and verify your identity by visiting

Verified ID is the latest addition to our suite of trust tools. In the end, every member of our community must make their own decisions as to whom to interact and connect with. Determining whom to trust is a choice that each Airbnb host and traveler must make for themselves.

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Trust and verification. They just go together.