Five years ago, Airbnb invited you to earn money from your extra space. Today, we’re proud to introduce Airbrb, a new way to earn money while you work.

Airbrb unlocks the potential of your unused work surfaces by connecting you with curious creators who want to rent your desk. Whether you’re leaving for a minute or a day, Airbrb helps you keep the lights on and buy your team’s next round of drinks.

Going to the bathroom? Let someone else stretch their legs at your standing desk. Getting a refill of coffee? Show a stranger the way you stay organized. In the hallway pitching the v2 to your manager’s manager? Rent your Cinema Display™ while you’re away.

There’s no reason for your desk space to go to waste! Rent it out on Airbrb and give your guests a glimpse into your work life.

When you’re ready to chase your own adventure, embrace your working wanderlust with Airbrb and work like a local, anywhere in the world! Want to know what it feels like to WFH? Rent out that rich mahogany bureau and write by the window. Had your eye on that desk in the corner office? What about the oval office? With Airbrb, you can kick up your stockinged feet, lean back in your leather chair, and make the tough decisions.

Travel to granite islands in the middle of your neighbor’s sunlit kitchen or take the seat of Janie Leesin, your local elementary school’s absent third grade student. Listed at $12 a class period and boasting amenities like a built-in cubby and attached pencil sharpener, Ms. Leesin’s desk lets you feel like a kid again. With Airbrb, your options are endless.

At Airbrb, we’re redefining the meaning of collaborative production and the shared economy of coworking spaces. Join us and revolutionize the way you work, one desk at a time. Don’t worry, we kept the seat warm for you.

Be right back!