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Many hosts may notice an update when they log into Airbnb as we roll out our new experience host dashboard this month. This new dashboard is here to help you review your calendar, prepare for upcoming experiences, and get a greater understanding of how your experience is performing.

One exciting feature of this dashboard is new helpful stats: your earnings, bookings, and pageviews from the past 30 days. Take a minute to check out your stats!

Improving Your Stats

With these new stats, you may be wondering, “How can I increase my page views?” Many hosts find adding more dates to their calendar helps their experience get more views from potential guests. Consider adding more dates now or dive into our series of tips for attracting bookings!

Keep in mind your experience title and price are two elements that may entice guests to click through to your experience listing. Review these pricing strategies for more pricing help.  

More features coming soon…

This is a first step in creating a centralized spot for managing your experiences. In the coming months, we’ll add additional information to your dashboard. Is there a stat you’d like to see here? We’re listening, let us know!

Note: if you don’t see your new dashboard quite yet, check back in a few weeks. We’re testing this new feature and will gradually share this feature with more hosts.